Client Testimonals

On 1 October 2016 I started with Belinda at her home gym. I was 75 year of age and weighed 110 kgs. For 2 years prior that I went to a gym who showed me 5 machines to work out on. I visited it 3 days a week and did what I had been shown. For my other time I was very much a “couch potato” riveted to a computer. Over those 2 years I lost no weight and lost more movement. More about that later.

Since I started with Belinda, I have been shown better eating habits, which have reduced my weight to 95 kgs. I have held that weight for a year now and am excited about that.

Having Belinda as my PT, who is with me through a 30 minute work out 3 times a week has been my answer to improving my health and mobility. She takes me through a myriad of exercises with and without weights, and which includes walking, bike and rowing machine work-outs. She helps me with balance and posture.

The combined effect of these is that I now can easily do up shoes, tuck my shirts in, towel my back. My flexibility has improved significantly. I recommend you get this sort of help to assist you to change the things you wish towards a better quality of life.

John aged 77 resident of The Gap,4061